Uukha - SX50 2023

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Uukha SX80  2021 Wurfarme

  • Material: 50% Carbon, 50% Glassfaser
  • Form: S-Curve
  • Grössen: 66", 68", 70", 72"
  • Zuggewicht: 20lbs bis 40lbs (in 2lbs Schritten bei 25" Mittelstück)
  • Aufnahme: ILF
  • Ausführung: Standard Matt  /  Minimal Druck Matt 


The Sx50’s performance, with a 50% carbon and 50% glass content, compares favorably to some of the best limbs on the market.
Replacing our bestselling limb - the Ex1 Evo2, we have doubled the carbon content to 50%. This reduces the limb’s mass weight, resulting in a smoother, faster limb, allowing archers to shoot longer distances even with a low poundage.
The new S-Curve profile makes the draw easy, smooth and a joy to shoot.

The new S-Curve profile (S for Smoothness, Speed and Stability) is a new generation of limb profile that combines the best attributes of our previous Curve and Xcurve limbs.

Limb Bottom !
A new design has enabled us to reduce the maximum thickness and mass weight.
NOTE: Uukha Formula adapters cannot be used with S-Curve limbs.

Produktbeschreibung des Herstellers: Uukha 2021


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