Topoint Serenity Sync.Cam 35-60Lbs

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Topoint Serenity  Syncro Cam
The Serenity is available in two models to suit different draw length archers. The riser is CNC machined from aluminium alloy 6061-T6. Adjustable bow weight from 25 to 55lbs. Many colour options available.
- Axle to Axle: 36"
- Brace height: 7.6"
- Bow weight: 4.3lbs
- Auszugslänge: 25-28" / 27-31"
- Zuggewicht (Lbs): 35-60
- IBO speed: 330fps
- Let-off: 75%
- Ausführung: LH / RH
- Farbe: Polished
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