WNS Archery - Forged Elite alpha

WNS Archery - Forged Elite alpha

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The association of computer-aided design and digitally controlled machinery resulted in the development of an aluminum riser that meets extremely high specifications. The combination of these technologies means that rigidity, lightness and high-performance characteristics are all guaranteed. This riser, with its clever load distribution, allows archers to achieve unprecedented levels of performance.

NEW: Forged+ riser will be available in 23 inches (only right handed )

Colors: matt gray, black, red, blue, silver, yellow, white

Length: 25 inches
Weight: 1.120 kg
Available for right- or left-handed archers.

Length: 23 inches
Weight: 1.020 kg
Available for right handed archers.

Included : forged arrow rest, forget cushion

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