XS Wings Vanes

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XS-Wings Spin Vanes 40mm und 50mm

​Farb-Typen: Fluor oder Metallic

Größe: 40mm / 50mm (Länge)

Ausführung: LH / RH

Lieferung: Packung je 50 Stück incl.Klebe- u. Wickelband

Key features:

  • Made of a highly durable material for long lasting fletches.
  • Smaller, 50mm size normally preferred for use on narrower diameter shafts.
  • Shaped to improve arrow spin, clearance, and improve group size.
  • Fletching tape and top and tail tape included.
  • Designed to be easier to fletch than other spin style vanes.
  • Two different models for clockwise (RH) or anticlockwise (LH) arrow rotation.
  • Each pack contains 50 vanes.
  • Available in a range of metallic and fluorescent colour options.


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Größe 40mm

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